There’s not really any news on the Padres front but when it comes to this blog here there is tons. It will be getting a huge makeover soon. New site layout, new blog name, new contributing writers & most importantly a new campaign. This campaign is going to take the world by storm…..OK by world I mean a few Padres fans but that doesn’t matter…it’s going to blow your minds. I, along with my new team, will be working diligently to complete everything within the next month or so. Be on the lookout!!


5 Responses

  1. We’re waiting patiently!

  2. HAHA I’m working my butt off on this new site hoping for a December 1st launch.

  3. Sweet. What are you using to build it?

  4. I’m sticking with wordpress but upgraded to the CSS editor…..I made a blogspot page too but I just wasn’t able to do as much there.

  5. Yeah, The Sac Bunt is what got me into web design too. Let me know if you have any questions.

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